Rush Hour 4 Is Happening, Confirms Jackie Chan

Posted 2017/10/06 0 0

Rush Hour 4 is finally a go!


A decade has passed since Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker last shared the screen together, but it appears fans are now finally closer than ever to a Rush Hour 4. Revealing all in an interview with US radio station Power 106, Chan said: “For the last seven years, we’ve been turning down, turning down the script,” Chan explains. “But yesterday, we agreed.” He reveals that the script will likely be finalized at the end of the month. When asked, Chan replies that the movie will probably be coming “next year.”

However, there is only one potential obstacle remains. So the script for the new film, according to Chan, "will have a second draft" by the end of October, and filming will "probably" begin in 2018. "If," says Chan, "Chris Tucker agrees."

Chan noted that it wasn't a matter of money, but time. "It's about [having the] time to make [Rush Hour 4]. Otherwise, Rush Hour 4 [we'll be] all old men. I told Chris Tucker, 'Before we get old, please do Rush Hour 4.'"

While EW reported that Tucker "has yet to comment publicly" about wanting to do a new Rush Hour, this MovieHole post from July seems to contradict that statement. It notes an appearance Tucker made on The View in which he said he and Chan "were talking about some stuff [for Rush Hour 4] so we’re thinking about doing something like that."

The original Rush Hour grossed $244 million worldwide for New Line Cinema and cemented the Hong Kong-born Chan as an English-language action star, after he had broken through in the U.S. with 1994’s Rumble in the Bronx. Its success led to his pairing with Owen Wilson for 2000’s Shanghai Noon, which spawned a sequel two years later. The buddy-cop action-comedy Rush Hour series with Tucker continued with Rush Hour 2 ($347M WW in 2001) and Rush Hour 3 ($258M, 2007). Brett Ratner directed all three.