Kathleen Kennedy Has Offered Taika Waititi a Star Wars Film

Posted 2017/12/07 0 0

Kathleen Kennedy has said she’d “love for” Taika Waititi to direct a Star Wars film of his own.


The acclaimed director recently made a splash in the filmmaking industry with his 2017 Marvel movie, Thor: Ragnarok, and now Newshub reports Star Wars boss Kathleen Kennedy has offered Waititi the chance to direct an upcoming Star Wars movie.

"I would love for him to direct a Star Wars movie," Kennedy told Newshub during promotional duties for upcoming film The Last Jedi in Tokyo.

"I think he has exactly the right sensibility. It was very exciting to see him step into the Marvel universe and do such an amazing job with Thor."

When Newshub asked Kennedy if it was a genuine job offer, she replid: "Yeah."

As it happens, Waititi has actually addressed this particular question before; back in October,he pretty quickly demurred when The New York Times asked him about the idea, responding, “That particular franchise seems really hard. There’s not much room for someone like me. Through its narrow canon, the tone of Star Wars has always been determinedly self-serious”, something that’s believed to have especially caused problems for Lord and Miller, who Kennedy booted off the pair’s Han Solo movie earlier this year.

The director's comments are a follow-up from comments he made about taking on a Star Wars movie on Twitter.

“Lolz, I like to complete my films,” Waititi replied to a fan who suggested he take on directing duties. “I’d be fired within a week.”

The director is known for his sense of humor, clarifying that his tweet was an opportunity to crack wise more than an official rejection.

"Look, I’m not an idiot. Who would actually say no to Star Wars?" Waititi told Uproxx. "Of course, I didn’t send that idea very seriously, it’s more that in light of all the things that were happening over the last couple of months, it would make me a little nervous."

Seems interesting to wait for his reply to Kennedy’s offer.