Photo Hinting Winter Soldier Becomes Captain America in Infinity War

Posted 2016/11/30 10772 0

Sebastian Stan, who portrays Bucky Barnes, has just unveiled a custom-made shield created by Casey McBroom from S.H.I.E.L.D. labs and he is the one wearing it!


The actor recently made a post to his Instagram which featured him holding an Captain America shield on his back. The shield was made for him by Casey McBroom who works for a company named Shield Labs, who makes "cool stuff for cooler people." Here is what Sebastian Stan had to say about the picture in his post.

"Excuse me...where's the restroom?" A big thank you and shout out to Casey_labs for making this for me. Will come in handy... #wintersoldier #marvel"

Sadly, it isn’t for a future movie (as far as we know, at least). Stan thanks Shield Labs, a collectibles shop in Missouri, for getting him the shield, which is more in line with the Winter Soldier’s aesthetic, as opposed to the red, white and blue version Steve Rogers like to sport. However, many are focusing on "will come in handy" to signal his rise to the role of First Avenger.

Captain America directors the Russo Brothers recently confirmed Steve Rogers is no longer Captain America in the MCU. Following The Death of Captain America storyline in the comics, Bucky Barnes took up the mantle of Captain America in 2008 for a short while. The theory that Sebastian Stan would ultimately wind up doing this in the MCU started being thrown around when The Winter Soldier storyline was announced and has persisted since. Sam Wilson, played by Anthony Mackie in the films, has also been Captain America in the comics. Both actors have been asked about possibly taking on the role in the MCU and both have done an admirable job of avoiding the question.

Chris Evans previously said his contract with Marvel is up in 2017, but the next Avengers movie, Infinity War will be released in 2018. Regardless of what happens to Steve Rogers, he can always rely on his friend Bucky Barnes.