Pixels – A Ticket to The Childhood

Posted 2015/12/01 3731 0

Pixels is a weird combinations of arcade games, aliens' invasion and Adam Sandler's signature sense of humor.

In 80s and 90s, millions of kids all over the world were in love with arcade games. But with the development of technology, those games were gradually abandoned. Therefore, like Wreck-It Ralph (2012), for many grownup viewers, Pixels is like a journey back to their childhood to see their old friends Mario, Pac-Man or Donkey Kong.

Pixels tells the story of Sam, who has been one of the best arcade gamers of his time. Once in an international tournament NASA sent the video recording of all the games to space for intelligent beings to find and know more about humans. However the aliens interpreted the games as a challenge and began attacking Earth using the video game data. It's now up to Sam and other old time arcade game champions to save the Earth from the video game alien invasion.

8x and 9x community were really looking forward to watching the movie because the image of Pac-Man swallowing high-rise buildings and vehicles is just so exciting. Even with those who are not familiar with the arcade games, Pac-Man still catches their attention because it has become one of the popular icons on social networks. You can also see other less well-known games like Donkey Kong, Galaga, Q*berts among the colorful invaders.

As expected, the movie is full of creative "boss killings" when the human beings use their experiences to beat Pixels. The most impressive scene is the battle between Pac-Man and 4 "Ghost" cars. The CGI effects are spectacular for a while, humongous, sparkly creatures throwing temper tantrums all over Earth. It was genuinely disconcerting to see the destruction of the Taj Mahal and the Washington Monument. The soundtrack blares classic hit after classic hit, pumping out eighties music like it is going out of style. We Will Rock You bookends the film, playing in both the opening sequence and at the climax. But the plot, unfortunately, is quite simple and monotonous. Like a game, the characters have to overcome many challenges to go to the final battle: kill the boss. Obviously this plot can not help the actors to show off their bests. Peter Dinklage was expected to "occupy the screen" but his character is not really impressive to help him do it. “Wonderboy” Josh Gad is the one who brings laughter. And Ashley Benson only appears in 15 minutes with barely a line, such a waste! What else? Jane Krakowski, who was recently nominated for an Emmy for her rapid-fire work in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, as the president’s first lady in the movie, shares the same fate with Ashley.

you are looking for a ticket to your childhood, try this one. But you’re warned, it will give you some nostalgic feeling…