The Pitch Perfect 3 Romance Storyline Anna Kendrick Said No to

Posted 2017/12/25 0 0

and she apparently saved the movie!


In the film, the 32-year-old actress reprises her role as Beca, a spunky and ambitious college grad who dreams of becoming a music producer. This installment also features a music executive named Theo, played by Guy Bernet. According to Kendrick, the writers really wanted Pitch Perfect 3 to have a romantic payoff between Beca and Theo, and it was only after Anna Kendrick refused to shoot a scene at the end of the movie that involved her kissing her work pal that the particular plotline got cut.

"Originally the music executive was supposed by my romantic interest but I said no to that, because I thought that would be kind of f------ problematic," Kendrick told Harper’s Bazaar UK. "I was like, 'Can no one else [see it]? Once I said it, everybody was like, 'I guess so.'" But while the higher-ups were OK with her veto of the storyline, they tried to sneak in a toned-down version of a love scene, which she also refused. "And they still wanted to have a version at the end when we kissed, and I still said no," she added.

Pitch Perfect 3 has plenty of romance even without Beca and Theo panning out. Brittany Snow's character, Chloe, falls for the young serviceman Chicago who is escorting the formerly-of-Barden Bellas around. The quiet Lilly also has her eye on one of the young men performing on the USO tour. They end up hitting it off without ever really having to speak to one another. Considering Pitch Perfect 3 is reportedly all about the Barden Bellas’ final performances and their enduring friendship, it seems kind of ridiculous that Beca would need a love interest.

But Beca’s love interest isn’t the only outrageous request Kendrick had to combat. The actress also revealed that Pitch Perfect 3 executives wanted “sexier” and more revealing clothing for the film, a request she found to be completely ridiculous.

"It's funny — whenever we do the wardrobe fittings I feel like we get notes from the top saying they should be tighter and sexier and show more skin," she said, "and I'm like, that's not why people are coming to see the movie. They definitely aren't showing up because of our sex appeal."