Robert Pattinson Was Joking About The Sex Act with a Dog on Good Time Set

Posted 2017/08/05 1297 0

The Twilight actor issued a statement about the matter today, saying that he was just joking about it.


The actor told Jimmy Kimmel Thursday night the director of his latest flick, "Good Time," wanted him to shoot a scene in which he pleasured a pooch, but Pattinson drew a line in the sand and refused.

“There’s this one scene we shot where basically a drug dealer bursts into the room and I was sleeping with the dog and basically giving the dog a hand job,” Pattinson had said.

He had continued to say the director had urged him to “just do it for real man, don’t be a pussy” and the dog’s trainer had suggested he “massage the inside of [the animal’s] thighs”. The star said a fake dog’s penis had ended up being used before the scene was cut.

He even got praised by PETA, who said the scene is both a form of mistreatment and "like child molestation."

"PETA depends on actors and crew members to come forward when they see mistreatment, whether it involves a dog who is being forced into churning water on the set of A Dog's Purpose or an A-list actor who is being asked to molest his canine co-star," Vice President Lisa Lange said in a statement to E! News.

However, the Twilight actor issued a statement about the matter today, hoping to clarify that nobody on the set was actually suggesting the dog be pleasured for the benefits of the film, and that the plan was always to use a manufactured dog phallus for those shots:

“The story I told on Jimmy Kimmel last night seems to have spiraled out of control. What didn’t come across is that this was supposed to be a joke. No one at all expected or assumed that anything like that would happen on the Good Time set. We are all huge animal lovers and would obviously never do anything to harm an animal. Everyone involved in Good Time are amazing professionals and have come together to make a movie that I’m extremely proud of. I feel embarrassed that in the moment, I was trying to make Jimmy laugh, only to create confusion and a false impression.”

The scene will be featured in the DVD version of the film. "Good Time" will be released in the U.S. on Aug. 11.