Rumours Of A Kid Friendly Fantastic Four Reboot From Fox

Posted 2017/06/20 2161 0

Twentieth Century Fox is rumored to be developing a Fantastic Four reboot with a more kid-friendly take following the response to their 2015 film.


Fox hasn’t managed to nail down the iconic superhero team yet, and its past failings have only soured fans. Still, the studio has said it was interested in giving the series another go following its last bomb. Executive producer Simon Kinberg said the studio would love to make another movie about the family.

"Yes, we would love to make another Fantastic Four movie," Kinberg stressed. "We feel like there's a great Fantastic Four movie to be made and I think it would hue closer to the tone of the original, the source material, the comics, but we want to make that movie."

A new rumor further suggests that Fox has no intention of releasing the rights to Marvel. According to a source close to Bleeding Cool, Fox is not only looking ahead at rebooting the franchise but that there is already a draft of the screenplay floating around. Rumor has it that Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter author Seth Grahame-Smith has penned a script that would focus on Reed Richards’ and Susan Storm’s children Franklin and Valeria.

For non-comic book nerds out there, the children have been an integral part of the Fantastic Four lore for decades, and they're two of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. Franklin can alter reality and manipulate things at a molecular level to create essentially anything he wants. To give you an idea of how powerful he is, he was once considered to be on the same level as the Celestials ... by Eternity. Valerie is a genius (almost on par with Reed Richards' intelligence by the time she was two) who can create force fields, alter time and neutralize her brother's powers.

But this doesn't mean the new film will be totally devoid of core members from Marvel's first family. Reportedly Ben Grimm (The Thing) and Johnny Storm (The Human Torch) will be coming along for the ride.

This rumor should be taken with a grain of salt. Kinberg has said that Fox learned their lesson about moving ahead too quickly before really thinking the project through. It should be noted that Jeremy Slater’s original screenplay of Trank’s movie involved Doombots, a 60-foot monster in Manhattan, and hinted at Galactus so even if the report is true, Grahame-Smith’s screenplay could go through a similar transformation,  or be tossed out entirely. Having said that, the studio will need to produce a film before 2022 or the rights to the franchise will revert to Marvel. Fox may want to get the next iteration right, but there is a ticking clock to the project.