Jake Gyllenhaal to Star in The Anarchists vs ISIS War Movie

Posted 2017/03/27 0 0

Jake Gyllenhaal will star in the film based on the real-life story about a band of American radicals who are taking on the Islamic State in Syria.


Jake Gyllenhaal has become one of the most consistently solid actors working today. He went on a heck of a hot streak recently with Prisoners, End of Watch, Enemy, and Nightcrawler, and though his movies have been a bit more hit or miss since then, he still regularly delivers stirring, compelling performances that are always worth discussing. Not long after giving Life to their first collaboration, Jake Gyllenhaal and Daniel Espinosa are getting ready to team up once more for something less tentacled and more earthbound.

Espinosa is set to direct The Anarchists vs ISIS and will produce under his newly formed production banner BOZI alongside Ninestories’ producers Gyllenhaal and Riva Marker. Bold Films chairman Michel Litvak will also produce, and CEO Gary Michael Walters will executive produce. Gyllenhall is expected to star.

“Jake and I are thrilled to partner with Daniel Espinosa on Seth Harp’s daring story,” Marker said. “Thematically, we’re often attracted to material about the search for identity, especially in a world where it’s become easier to feel less and less connected. Seth’s story is about people who abandon everything that’s familiar as a means to connect in the most brutal of circumstances.”

Added Litvak: “In a very short time under the leadership of Jake and Riva, Ninestories has become an incredibly exciting production company. Their vision for fresh and provocative material coupled with brilliant filmmakers like Daniel Espinosa aligns perfectly with Bold’s mandate.”

The Anarchists vs ISIS won’t be the only true-life story on Gyllenhaal’s résumé. He has the Boston Marathon bombing movie Stronger coming up, and he’s also signed on for The Man Who Made It Snow, a film about the only American allowed in to the inner circle of Pablo Escobar’s cartel. He’s making the latter with Antoine Fuqua, who recently directed him in the boxing drama Southpaw, and that’s coming a few years after working with director Denis Villeneuve twice in a row on Prisoners and Enemy. So it seems that once Gyllenhaal finds a collaborator he enjoys working with, he’s extremely quick to find another project they can work on again.