James Wan Describes Aquaman is ‘Star Wars Underwater’

Posted 2017/09/01 0 0

The Conjuring creator calls Aquaman as the Star Wars movie of the underwater world.


James Wan has not spoken much about the movie yet except announcing the cast and revealing the difficulties he has been facing while shooting the DCEU movie. But an actor has said that The Conjuring creator calls Aquaman as the Star Wars movie of the underwater world.

Power Rangers co-star Ludi Lin did an interview on Canadian radio Wednesday afternoon that revealed new information of interest to fans of both DC Comics and the Power Rangers franchise. The up and coming actor has started with a few teases with regard to his character in Aquaman:

“Murk has gone through some changes… like the Black Ranger really,” Lin said. “I like it when people pigeon-hole me… because then it gives me a chance to try to break out of it. You put a wall in front of me, I want to try to break down that wall. So, this is Murk [and] I think he’s going to be pretty different from the original conception. But he’s going to be pretty remarkable as well. It’s been a pleasure working with some amazing people.”

When probed further about the highly anticipated film, Lin spoke on director James Wan’s world-building and dropped a pretty exciting tidbit.

“The thing is, there is so much about Aquaman that I have seen so far in filming… there’s so much to this film,” he said. “The difference between Aquaman and the other superheroes in the DC Universe, is that it exists almost in a different world. James Wan, our director, is amazing. He’s described his vision as “Star Wars underwater” because it is! All the physics are different, their weapons are different, the characters are very unique. It’s just super cool.”

It is evident that Wan is the perfect pick for the helm of the DCEU movie as the cast are not able to stop raving about his style of film-making. Recently, Willem Dafoe compared Wan's work with Sam Raimi and revealed that the two directors are quiet similar.

Talking to Collider, the Nuidis Vulko actor shared, "[James Wan's] enthusiasm is fantastic. In fact, his enthusiasm reminds me, very much, of Sam Raimi's enthusiasm, to make a connection there. When I made Spider-Man with Sam Raimi, one of the most impressive things was that it didn't feel like an industry film. It felt like a personal film. It felt like Sam Raimi was getting to fulfill a fantasy of his. He was so connected to that Spider-Man mythology that he really infused it with great love and great playfulness, and I love that. James Wan is very similar."

After the cast members shared their experience of working with Wan, it has certainly raised the bar of expectations from the movie.

Aquaman is slated to release on December 21, 2018.