Dogma 2 Will Never Happen, Confirms Kevin Smith

Posted 2017/10/05 0 0

According to the writer-director-actor, there won't be a sequel to the 1999 cult favorite, Dogma.


During a question-and-answer session inside the Hammerstein Ballroom at NYCC2017, when asked whether he would feel inclined to revisit Dogma, which was a film that addressed many problems within the Catholic religion, Smith was quick to distance himself from any foreseeable future.

"F^ck no, I don't think we need a 'Dogma 2' and I am sure as sh!t not going near any religious movies at this point," he said.

“Harvey Weinstein and Bob Weinstein own that movie personally, and what happened is Harvey called up a few months ago and he’s like, ‘We still have Dogma,’” Smith says. The producer wanted to get Smith onboard for reissuing the movie on home media, which the latter was on board for. But then Weinstein apparently suggested, “And maybe we need to make a sequel.” But before the Comic Con crowd could get excited, Smith immediately threw cold water on the idea. “I’m like ‘Oh, no I’m not going to do a religious movie ever again.’ I mean Red State is a bit of a religious movie… so maybe I have another religious movie in me, but it won’t be a sequel to Dogma.” It seems that all the controversy and outraged picketing that Dogma spawned in 1999 has made Smith wary of opening up that can of rosaries again.

In some ways, perhaps it’s better for everyone that Dogma 2 isn’t happening. After all, the now deceased Rickman gave one of the most entertaining performances in the original film, and it’s hard to imagine a sequel without him. Also, recent film history is littered with comedy sequels that failed to capture the magic of the original, such as Dumb and Dumber To and Anchorman 2. While there’s obviously no guarantee that a Dogma 2 would fail to live up to the first film, it’s definitely possible. With that in mind, it might be best to leave well enough alone.