The Croods 2 Will Not Happen Anytime Soon!

Posted 2016/11/12 8367 0

The Croods, the hit 2013 animated film starring Emma Stone, is no longer getting a sequel despite the good ratings and reviews that it received when it was released.


The pre-historic themed 3D CG animated comedy adventure performed well both critically and commercially. It received a 74% rating from Top Critics on Rotten Tomatoes, earned $587.2 million at the worldwide box office on a budget of $135 million, and was a Best Animated Feature nominee for the 86th Academy Awards. So understandably, just less than 1 month after the first movie's release, DreamWorks Animation announced at CinemaCon that a sequel was already being developed for The Croods. But now over three years later, the studio is calling quits. Per Variety, DreamWorks Animation has opted to scrap plans for The Croods 2 despite the fact that they just hired new writers for the project, brothers Kevin and Dan Hageman, in August.

Admittedly, there were problematic signs concerning The Croods 2 for much of its production. The sequel was originally supposed to be released November 3, 2017, but it was soon pushed to December 22 of that same year. Then back in August, the movie was pushed back again to January 5, 2018 so it wouldn't have to go up against Star Wars: Episode VIII. Along with that last scheduled change also came the news that directors Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders had handed off writing duties to Kevin and Dan Hageman. It seemed like everything was under control, and Dreamworks Animation was still keen on continuing the Croods' adventures on the big screen. Alas, those plans are no more.

There are no near-term plans to bring back the prehistoric family, voiced in the original by Nicolas Cage, Catherine Keener and Emma Stone. But said the source at Universal: ” ‘The Croods’ is still very much in the DreamWorks catalog. It’s not unheard of that it might be something someone takes a look at in the future.” Fortunately, all of you Croods enthusiasts aren't being left empty-handed. The Dawn of the Croods TV series is airing on Netflix, although unlike the movie, it's traditionally animated.

In the near future, DreamWorks Animation has The Boss Baby and Captain Underpants coming in 2017, followed by the Australia-set Larrikins and the highly anticipated How to Train Your Dragon 3 in 2018.