Mark Wahlberg Named 2017’s Most Overpaid Actor

Posted 2017/12/17 0 0

Mark Wahlberg has beaten Johnny Depp to be the most overpaid actor of 2017 by Forbes.


Forbes announced on Wednesday a valuation which included the performance of an actor's last three non-animated, large-scale movies released prior to June 1st, 2017. According to it, three of Wahlberg's pre-June 1 wide release films brought in $4.40 for every $1 he was paid to appear in them. Among the films considered in this figure was "Deepwater Horizon," which raked in $121.8 million - just over $10 million more than the estimated $110 million it reportedly cost to make. The publication noted that neither "Transformers: The Last Knight" nor "Daddy's Home 2," both of which brought in more than $100 million, factored into the scoring because of their release dates.

Batman Begins star Christian Bale, 43, was number two on the list with a $6.70 return on investment of $1. His ranking was heavily affected by the Armenian genocide film The Promise, which was an epic flop which managed to earn back only 11% of its $90 million budget. Coming in at number three was Channing Tatum, 37, with $7.60. His rating was impacted by heist movie Logan Lucky, which failed to entice audiences. Tatum is followed by Denzel Washington and Brad Pitt, who brings in $11.50 for every $1 he makes for a film.

"Overpaid" actors like Mark Wahlberg are making more than twice as much as the highest paid actresses in the same field, and those women are starring in what are often considered to be much better films, critically speaking, or at least bringing in enough of a return on investment. Hollywood obviously does not invest in women the same way it invests in men, the reason there are no women on the list of overpaid actors is that women make so much less than their male counterparts in Hollywood, it becomes hard for them to be "overpaid" for even their flops. Emma Stone ranks at the top of the list of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood, earning $26 million, followed by Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence, who has famously addressed the gender pay gap in recent years.