The Golden Globe 2016: A Collection of Golden Moments

Posted 2016/01/14 6447 0

Many artists left their mark at the Golden Globe Awards in a variety of ways!

The 73rd annual Golden Globes officially wrapped up with The Revenant's winning of top three awards: best dramatic film, best director, best leading actor and the reunion of Titanic star-crossed lovers: Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as best leading actor and best supporting actress. Besides, there were also plenty of unskippable hilarious moments which quickly became a rich source of fun for the online community.

Channing Tatum's hair style has become a hot topic on the Internet.

He seems to be really ready for his role in Gambit.

Or maybe he just tries to imitate Tobey Maguire in "Spider-Man".

The most memorable moment of this year's Golden Globes, the awkward moment between Leonardo DiCaprio and Lady Gaga.

Golden Globe is on hand already but Oscar is still not yet. You can’t deny it, the relationship between Dicaprio and Oscar is too dramatic not to follow.

Leonardo DiCaprio forgot to thank... the bear, his costar in "The Revenant" in his speech.

Maybe the bear will come back for revenge with an Oscar on hand?

An incredibly amazing night for Titanic's fans when both Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet won.

Maybe a little too much?

The reunion of "21 Jump Street" Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, oh wait, or maybe Channing and the bear from The Revenant.

Jason Statham reminded us of his boastful character in Spy by introducing himself as the scriptwriter, producer and director of the movie. And when Paul Feig was about to correct him, well, look at the picture.

Jamie Foxx made fun of Steve Harvey by re-creating Harvey's infamous mess up by announcing Straight Outta Comptonas the Golden Globe winner for Best Original Score.

He even showed the envelop for the audience to see the winner's name.

The posing moment of Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence.

Jennifer Lawrence seemed to be a fan of Matt Damon.

Jennifer also created a controversial moment when telling an reporter not to focus on his phone too much.

Her idol Matt Damon seemed to disagree with that, he was busy taking selfies.

Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell from Daddy's Home seemed to celebrate the New Year a little bit too long.

When walking to the stage to accept her award, Taraji P. Henson handed out cookies to people. And in Empire, her character's name is also Cookie.

According to a statistics, the United States had to spend $900 billion just to rescue Matt Damon in Courage Under Fire, Saving Private Ryan, Titan AE, Syriana, Green Zone, Elysium, Interstellar, and The Martian.

Ricky Gervais and Mel Gibson had some awkward moment on the stage when Ricky joked about Gibson’s alcohol problem, but said he’d rather have a drink with Gibson than Bill Cosby, and Mel Gibson responded, “I love seeing Ricky every three years because it reminds me to get a colonoscopy.”

One of the best moments of the night was Ricky Gervais's introduction of Matt Damon as the only person Ben Affleck has remained faithful to. Yeah, that was a sick burn, but it was absolutely hilarious.