Rowan Atkinson Returning for Third Johnny English

Posted 2017/05/21 0 0

Rowan Atkinson is actually making another Johnny English movie.


Whilst not as globally well-known as Atkinson’s other characters such as Blackadder and (of course) Bean, the Johnny English franchise is remarkably profitable despite not being well-liked by critics. Based originally on a series of commercials, English is an over-confident “MI7” spy who usually bumbles his way to victory, mainly by the virtues of his sidekicks at the time or just blind luck. He’s basically an amalgamation of James Bond and Inspector Clouseau. The first film in 2003, simply titled Johnny English, co-starred Ben Miller, John Malkovich and Natalie Imbruglia, and managed to take $160 million internationally at the box office, hauling in a substantial profit. The 2011 sequel called Johnny English: Reborn, co-starred Gillian Anderson, Daniel Kaluuya, Rosamund Pike and Dominic West, and took a near identical amount. Now more’s on the way.

Reported by comedy website Chortle, Atkinson has said that he has plans to return for a second Johnny English sequel. They state that pre-production of Johnny English 3 (although it has to be confirmed as to whether this will be the final title) has begun, with shooting of the espionage spoof due to begin later this year.

The comedy actor has previously made very clear he’s fan of Johnny English, stating that: “He’s fun and he’s rather human. I think he’s a rather realistic character. Perhaps he’s a more realistic and believable character than James Bond, in many ways. James Bond is just a superman. It’s rather fun to play someone with more faults and foibles.”

There are currently no other cast members or possible director mentioned, but Johnny English 3 does have the provisional release date of October 12, 2018.

Rowan Atkinson recently reprised Mr. Bean for a brief cameo in the Chinese film Top Funny Comedian. There are no plans for the movie to be released outside of China, and it's described as "China's answer to The Hangover." Meanwhile, Atkinson returns to our screens later this year as Jules Maigret in ITV's Maigret in Montmartre.