Zachary Quinto: Another Star Trek Film Isn’t A Sure Thing

Posted 2017/04/22 0 0

Spock actor Zachary Quinto reveals there may not be a Star Trek 4 after Star Trek Beyond.


Star Trek’s new Mr. Spock was on NBC’s Today show this morning promoting his new film Aardvark, which premieres today at the Tribecca Film Festival. At the end of the segment, Al Roker threw Quinto a question asking if he had any “insight as to what is coming up” for the next Star Trek movie.

I know that they are working on a script for another one and we’ll see how that all plays out, but the nice thing about that experience is that the time in between those big tentpole films allows us to go off and cultivate a lot of different creative experiences for ourselves. … I’m hopeful that we’ll do another one, but there’s no guarantee.

The script that Quinto mentioned is being written by Simon Pegg, who tweeted about the project a few months ago, and has been praised by Chris Hemsworth (who plays Kirk’s father).

Although Quinto is careful not to confirm anything about the project, recent news about the script and pitch would seem to suggest that Paramount is moving forward with Star Trek 4, or that at the very least, they have not cancelled it entirely just yet. Quinto’s comments confirm that the actor would be happy to return as Spock, but that’s not too much of a surprise.

With the current lack of movement and the busy schedules of the actors having a Trek film out by next year summer would be impossible and even the summer after that may not be in the cards. Of course a two-year gap between Trek features wasn’t expected. The previous J.J. Abrams-produced films had four and three-year gaps respectively. As of now Paramount has already lined up franchise tentpole summer releases for 2018 (Mission: Impossible 6, currently filming) and 2019 (another Transformers film). So they may feel they have some time to think when it comes to the next Star Trek. Not to mention that the box office returns for Star Trek Beyond did not meet expectations, so it would be natural for the studio to want to take their time to plan out the next step for the franchise. And added to that is the recent ouster of Paramount CEO Brad Grey, with the new CEO only on the job for a few weeks.