Stephen King Praises 'IT' as 'the Right Movie at the Right Time’

Posted 2017/12/29 0 0

Stephen King knows exactly why the film became such a huge success.


IT is obviously one of the best mainstream movies of 2017 as it not only earned positive critical reception, but also collected nearly $700 million worldwide.  In an interview with EW, the author has praised the 2017 movie for playing on the "weird viral" craze involving scary clowns which rose to prominence last year, making the movie seem all the more terrifying. King also discussed why he felt the modern reimaging IT became not only one of the biggest films of the year but also still firmly holds relevance after the release of the original novel in 1986 and the television miniseries in 1990:

“I think one of the things that really happened was that 1990 miniseries. A whole generation of kids between the ages of 8 and 14 were scared sh—less by Tim Curry and when the new one came out it was a chance to revisit that particular experience in their childhood. Then there was this weird viral bulge in stories about creepy clowns. That was in the press all over the place. So it was a number of different things. It was the right movie at the right time.”

During the interview, the idea was also brought up of how the 1980s, nostalgia-filled Stranger Things might have contributed to so many people checked out IT. King acknowledged that the Netflix series could have played a role, saying:

“I think that Stranger Things might've had something to do with it, but that's kind of an incestuous thing because so much of Stranger Things reminds me of stuff that I've written. But I think that played a part. Obviously the idea of a bunch of kids fighting a supernatural terror just sort of appealed to people, and they saw a chance to root for the good guys, which doesn't always happen in horror movies.”

Clearly there were a lot of different, well-timed factors that played into IT being one of the most successful movies of 2017, and for those of you who enjoyed the movie, you won't have to wait to return to Pennywise's stomping grounds. The second portion of Stephen King's novel will be adapted in IT: Chapter 2, showing the now-adult main characters returning to Derry 30 years later to defeat the shapeshifting entity once and for all.