Christopher Nolan Endorses Tom Hardy for the James Bond Role

Posted 2017/07/21 0 0

Dunkirk director Christopher Nolan thinks Tom Hardy is a perfect fit to play James Bond.


It’s no secret that fans of Nolan have long been hoping that somehow the iconic writer-director would find a way to the helm of the 007 franchise. After all, The Dark Knight trilogy and Dunkirk filmmaker has often professed his love and desire to work in the franchise, and at the moment, the director’s chair just happens to be open for Bond 25, following the departure of Sam Mendes, who helmed Daniel Craig’s third and fourth turns as 007 in Skyfall and Spectre.

On Josh Horowitz’s podcast, Happy Sad Confused, Nolan was asked if he would take over the franchise from Sam Mendes and while he played coy, he certainly talked up Tom Hardy, citing that he would “be amazing” in the role. Nolan also reiterated that while he loves Bond, he’d have to “be needed” to join the franchise.

“I’d love to work with them at some point … [but] I’d have to be needed,” Nolan said about possibly directing an adventure for the famed Brit. “I think they’ve got a really good thing going.”

Nolan did say he has a concept for Bond that hasn’t been done yet, but would not share details fear he would need the idea to get the job someday.

Nolan’s mention of Hardy as Bond comes on the eve of the release of Dunkirk, which marks the third time the director and actor have worked together. Previously Hardy starred in Nolan’s smash mind-bending heist thriller Inception, and went on to play Batman’s (Christian Bale) chief nemesis Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.

Clearly Nolan and Hardy love working together, and perhaps the filmmaker’s endorsement of the Oscar-nominated actor is the first step in his long-desired goal of directing a Bond film. It’s hardly a coincidence that Hardy said earlier this year he would like to do a Bond film with Nolan; and a report in May that linked the filmmaker’s company, Syncopy, to Bond 25 got fans thinking that there may be more than just talk about the director wanting to be involved in a Bond movie.