Zachary Quinto Confirms Star Trek 4 Screenplay Still Being Written

Posted 2017/07/13 0 0

Star Zachary Quinto reveals all what he can gives about the movie.


The fate of the Star Trek reboot movie series remains in question following the announcement of a sequel to Star Trek Beyond. There have been no further announcements about the upcoming film since then, so optimistic fans have been forced to take a “no news is good news” perspective. However, a small update has just come during a recent interview that Spock actor, Zachary Quinto, gave with ET Online. After lamenting about the lack of official announcements, Quinto said that as far as he knows, the script for the film is still being written and that he and the other actors are just waiting on an official call from Abrams and co.

Here is the exchange:

E.T.: I have to get a Star Trek update from you

Quinto: If I had one I would give it.

E.T: So J.J. [Abrams] announced last summer that a fourth movie was a go. So is there anything?

Quinto: I’m expecting that to be true, but it’s a process. It’s always this way. It’s like, “Yes, we’re going to do it!” But then there are many steps in that process – writing a script being primary among them – and I know that’s what they’re working on now. I think we’re all really excited to go back and we’ll do that whenever the phone rings and it’s J.J. on the other end. But yeah, it is a process. There is years between the first few movies – I think four years between the first two and three between the second and the third. So we are kind of on track. It was two years ago we shot the last one and it came out last year so I feel we are still in the strike zone.

The fourth Star Trek reboot movie was announced in 2016, but that was before Star Trek Beyond’s disappointing box office total was tallied. Star Trek Beyond opened $59.2 million, over $10 million less than Star Trek Into Darkness, and earned a total of $158.8 million during its domestic theatrical run, nearly $100 million less than the first Star Trek reboot movie in 2009.

Star Trek 4 was said to feature the return of Chris Hemsworth as the father of Captain James T. Kirk. The movie does not have an official release date yet. We will keep you posted on the latest information.