X-Men: Apocalypse Photos Offer Better Look At Archangel & En Sabah Nur

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If you thought Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice or Captain America: Civil War were attempting to squeeze in too many comic book characters into a two-hour live-action feature film, you have another thing coming with X-Men: Apocalypse.

Rounding out the period-set trilogy that began with 2011’s X-Men: First Class, Apocalypse brings back all the core characters and many, many more, including younger versions of the characters from the first film in the series. Most of these characters fans have been able to see glimpses of via social media, set photos and early bits of marketing, but some we’ve only seen through production art.

New images from what looks to be an editing bay or post-production special VFX house reveal low-res teases of several X-Men: Apocalypse characters, including the new main X-Men team and the titular villain, while another behind-the-scenes photos gives us our best look at Archangel yet.


We met Warren Worthington III a.k.a. Angel in X-Men: The Last Stand where the character didn’t really participate as a member of the team, and we me another character, entirely unrelated, by the name of Angel (Angel Salvador) who could also fly in the ’60s set X-Men: First Class. In X-Men: Apocalypse, we finally get a version of the original Angel who will be front and center, and this one will become Archangel.

Ben Hardy plays Warren this time around (Ben Foster played him in The Last Stand) and his steampunk-esque costume and wings were first teased in conceptual art by director Bryan Singer (pictured below). Another piece of art from the production also showed the character without the suit and mechanical wings, but his original white feathers too so it seems the film will show Apocalypse transform Angel just as he does in Marvel Comics.

X Men Apocalypse Ben Hardy Archangel Costume Concept Art X Men: Apocalypse Photos Offer Better Look at Archangel & En Sabah Nur

The image also features Olivia Munn suited up as Betsy Braddock a.k.a. Psylocke, another fan-fave X-Men hero who in this film will serve with Archangel as a Horseman for Apocalypse.


Many of the costumes teased in marketing materials, set photos and Comic-Con footage so far for X-Men: Apocalypse reveal costumes that very much honor the styling and colors from the comics, from Jubilee’s yellow rain coat and Psylocke’s purple swimsuit to Storm’s ’80s Mohawk and Apocalypse’s blue and alien-esque design. For the titular Apocalypse himself though, played by Oscar Isaac, his first live-action reveal didn’t earn too much love.

His relative small size, and the color and details, earned comparisons to fan cosplay and the Power Rangers television series, but a new shot from what appears to be the editing bay of the film reveals a better angle and look for the character. The eyes help too (click right image to enlarge):

It seems to really come down the lighting because at that angle, with those eyes, it looks very much like a cool and faithful adaptation of Apocalypse from the comics.


As for the main team of Xavier’s X-Men however, we’re back to the dark grey and black suits. The old school black leather is no more, but the entire team is sporting more practical armored field suits as seen in the future segments from X-Men: Days of Future Past.

X-Men: Apocalypse wrapped principal photography three weeks ago in Montreal and while the future of the Fantastic Four franchise remains uncertain, X-Men director Bryan Singer confirms there are talks of a potential crossover. What do you think of the aesthetic of X-Men: Apocalypse? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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