Stephen King's Thriller Suffer The Little Children is Coming!

Posted 2017/09/11 0 0

Another thriller novel by Stephen King, Suffer the Little Children, is being adapted into a feature film by writer-director Sean Carter.


Stephen King‘s 1972 short story “Suffer the Little Children” is set to become a film, according to Variety. The story is a supernatural thriller that centers on a recently divorced first-grade schoolteacher who notices some “unsettling” traits in the children in her class: flashes of a bizarre texture lurking underneath their skin and a chilling, conspiratorial secrecy to the way they play together. And now, people in her new town are dying mysteriously. Is this all just paranoia, or is something more disturbing happening to the children in this town? This story was published as collection part of a short stories in King’s Nightmares & Dreamscapes.

Writer-director Sean Carter (Keep Watching) is set to adapt the short story into a new feature. Craig Flores, Nicolas Chartier, and Sriram Das will produce. Suffer the Little Children will be a co-production of Flores’ Bread & Circuses banner, Chartier’s Voltage Pictures, and Das’ Das Films. JJ Meyers of Das Films will co-produce.

"The Stephen King aesthetic has been imprinted into my psyche since I was a teenager, and Suffer The Little Children fits right into that classic King paradigm: a tragically flawed lead character put into a shockingly unimaginable scenario," Carter says in a statement picked up by Deadline. "It’s a tiny peek into a mythology that I can’t wait to expand into a full-length movie."

Carter got his start as an editor and is making his feature directorial debut with Watching, which stars Ioan Gruffudd and Chandler Riggs.

The news comes on the heels of IT‘s record opening weekend, which saw the film, a feature adaptation of King’s 1986 novel, draw in a worldwide total of $185 million, far beyond even the most ambitious predictions. It marks the third largest opening weekend of 2017 and the biggest for a horror movie ever, besting Paranormal Activity 3‘s 2015 benchmark of $52.6 million. King’s work, of course, has been translated to screen numerous times. Some, like Carrie and The Shining, have become some of the most widely regarded in cinematic history, while others, like this summer’s The Dark Tower, have fared far more unfavorably. But IT‘s recent success certainly bodes well for future endeavors.