Blade Runner’s Original Opening Explained by the Writer

Posted 2017/08/30 0 0

The movie's original opening was just brilliant!


Following the release of Blade Runner: The Final Cut on Blu-ray, it’s revealed that director Ridley Scott almost opened the movie in a very different way. Paul M. Sammon, author of Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner, says Scott wanted to introduce the Ford character in a way that made audiences know immediately they were in a world of man and machine.

Hampton Fancher, executive producer and initial screenwriter, constructed the scene from that single image offered by Scott, Sammon explains: "The original idea was to have Deckard be sitting in the kitchen and through the windows, you see the day is getting darker and darker ... a strange vehicle pulls up. A guy in farmer's overalls comes out, goes into the house, sees Deckard sitting there, ignores him, walks into the kitchen and starts stirring a big pot of soup."

Sammon goes on, "He says, 'Do you want any soup?' Deckard doesn't say anything. 'Who are you with, anyway?' this guys says while stirring. Deckard gets up and says 'I'm Deckard, Blade Runner.' Boom! He kills this guy for no reason. Just shoots him. And then as this guy slumps against this wall, falls to the floor, Deckard reaches into his head and pulls his lower jaw out. And you see that it is an aluminum construct with an ID number stamped on it, and you realize it is not a person, it is a robot. Deckard takes this, puts in into his trench coat and walks out of the farm house, across the field. A little dog shows up and is barking as Deckard [flies] off."

Blade Runner: The Final Cut includes all four cuts on the film and more than seven hours of special features. It is due out Sept, 5. Its sequel, Blade Runner 2049, will be in theaters Oct. 6. Blade Runner 2049 has an extra-long run time. In fact, it’s significantly longer than the original 1982 film, according to Variety. The film will keep you in your seat for two hours and 32 minutes, with an additional 11-minute credit sequence. That makes it 35 minutes longer than the original film, which had a run time of one hour and 57 minutes.