Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Gods

The movie takes place several years after the war to defeat Majin Buu-. Bills, the god of destruction maintain equilibrium for the universe has to wake up after a long sleep. Heard rumors that there was a Saiyan defeated Frieza, Goku Bills immediately went looking for a long time then there is no strong opponents, Goku ignored the advice of King Kai and challenges Bills in a battle. However, Goku was not strong enough to overwhelm the forces of Bills and was defeated. Bills discarded after exclaimed, "There's someone on Earth deserve to kill?". The main characters had to work together to combat training before being destroyed Through posters we can see: Vegeta became SSJ 3 Goku SSJ4 broke up. Gohan also was "back" shape SSJ1 (If people wonder why Mystic still can turn into SSJ is the Old Kai had explained, literally had to be just as effortless than) What Movie this becomes more hot is the Super Saiyan 4 "master key" of the author. Unlike shape "red monkey, black hair" in GT. In bogs SSJ4 has long blond hair as SSJ3 but shorter, dark circles and eye brows intact

Duration: 85 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 7